Check Huroob Status on Iqama

Check Huroob Status on Iqama

Saudi expat now check Huroob status on Iqama via MOL web portal with following steps

  1. Open MOL site or click Visit MOL website or simply click or Tap on following links
  2. Once you click above link a window will appear where you need to enter Passport or Iqama number or border number write captcha code in captcha image tab and click or tap on search button.

    Check huroob status

    Check huroob status

  3. Once you press search green button you will see your huroob status is absent or present on duty. 

    In case of Huroob status is yes than you will see متغيب عن العمل 

  4. If your Iqama Status is Invalid or Huroob Status, you will get employment status as متغيب عن العمل  (Absent from work)

    In case of Huroob status is good you will see  علي رأس العمل (On the Work).


What is Huroob

Huroob means run away from work. Saudi expats who leave his company or sponsor (Kafeel) and do work with other company or sponsor without Tanazul. The company and sponsor mark status of such expat as huroob in jawazat

To know Huroob Punishments

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