Check Iqama Nitaqat Color Status

Check Iqama Nitaqat Color Status

Expats whore  are interested to check iqama color Nitaqat status follow the following simple steps

  1. Visit MOL site click following link

You will see below mention screen

Check Iqama Status

IQAMA STATUS color Nitaqat

  • Here you type your passport number or iqama number or border number
  • Now put Image code and click or tap on green button
  • After press green button you will see following screen
Check Iqama Nitaqat

Check iqama color red green black status

Nitaqat Meaning  ?

Nitaqat is Saudi policy implemented by Labor ministry of Saudi Arabia.

That show how many Saudi citizen working in company and it is classifies in different categories Nitaqat show following status


High Green

Mid Green

Low Green


Click below to know

Documents required to apply new iqama 

To Check Newborn Iqama application status

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