Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity Status Check

Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity Status Check

Any expat who live in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who leave Saudi Arabia for vocation purpose and want to come back on same visa is known Exit Re-Entry visa with preset period.
Saudi expat can check their exit re-entry status via Muqeem and Absher web portal.

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity Status via Muqeem.

  1. Open Muqeem portal https://muqeem.sa/#/visa-validity/check
  2. Muqeem portal in Arabic by default select English language
  3. In Iqama Number portion enter your 10 digit Iqama number
  4. Now click or tap on Date of Birth and write your valid date of birth that written in your Iqama Passport or ID card
  5. After putting date of birth click or tap on check tab/button
  6. Now you see status of your visa status. Here you will know what type of your visa, duration of your visa, issuance date of visa, return date and status inside or out site of Saudi Arabia.
Exit Reentry Visa status check muqeem

Exit Reentry Visa status check muqeem

Type of Saudi Arabia Visa

The government of Saudi Arabia issue visa for different kind of purpose. Each visa that issue by Saudi government have specific period and purpose. Make sure not violate the visa policy otherwise strong penalty will be imposed. Following are visa type.

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Hajj and Umrah Visa
  3. Work Visa
  4. Business Visit Visa
  5. Diplomatic Visa
  6. Student Visa
  7. Exit Re-entry Visa


Tourist Visa: Tourist visa issue to tourist for exploring the Saudi culture landscape. If you are interested to explore Saudi Arabia you must get tourist visa you can apply this visa online and get on arrival at Saudi airport.

Hajj Umrah Visa: This visa issue to only MuslimsĀ  to perform Hajj and Umrah you can apply this visa. The main purples of this visa to religious pilgrimage purpose. Issuance of Hajj Umrah Visa by authorized visa agency from Embassy. The visa issue for traveling only three city of Saudi Arabia Jeddah Makkah and Madina Munawarh. Validity of the visa is only 30 days.

Work Visa: Any person who interested doing job in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia he need work visa. Sponsor Kafeel or company Introduction letter certified by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affair in the KSA) and Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

To know Visa Fee Click HereĀ 


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