New born Iqama application Procedure

New born Iqama application Procedure.

There is two kind of case of newborn baby iqama apply

1.       Baby born in Saudi Arabia

2.       Baby born in our site of Saudi Arabia

Iqama apply of baby born in Saudi Arabia

1.       Get birth statement or certificate of newborn baby that you get from hospital where baby born

2.       Register birth of baby on Absher

3.       Upload birth certificate or statement with mother and father iqama and passport copy

4.       Take new born baby passport form your country Embassy.

5.       Pay dependent fee that also know dependent levy this fee impose from date of birth of new born baby till father iqama expiry date.

6.       Get appointment of Jawazat from Absher portal

7.       Visit Jawazat office fill form of newborn iqama issuance with baby photo before visit jawazat office you must have following documents.
Original and copy of Parents Iqama.
Parent’s passport original and copies.
Newborn babies passport (that will be issue from your country embassy) copy and original.
Birth certificate original and copy. Birth certificate issued by MOH.
Take print of out of Absher Appointment.
As you submit all of above given document iqama of new born baby will issue instantly basis.

New born Iqama application Procedure.

New born Iqama application Procedure.

Iqama apply of baby born outside Saudi Arabia

If your baby born outside of Saudi Arabia you must to follow these steps to apply iqama.

1.       Get passport of baby from your country where baby born.

2.       As you land in KSA with you newborn baby you must submit 2000SAR on your iqama number. Kindly pay these fee instantly basis if you late you will be pay additional late fee pay that can upto 500 SAR

3.       Pay dependent levy fee that will be from arrival date father’s iqama expiry date

4.       Take Appointment of jawazat from Absher

5.       Visit jawazat office

6.       Get Iqama issuance application form and fill it properly attach the following document with Iqama Issuance form
Baby Photo.
Polio Immunization Certificate
Father Mother Iqama and passport original and copy
Baby Passport
Copy of Jawazat Absher appointment print

After doing above process iqama will be issue Instant basis

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